Our Vision

Alaska and Our Ministry Vision


Our Vision

Alaska and Our Ministry Vision

Impacting Remote Alaska with the Hope of Jesus Christ through Missionary Aviation



We are not content to simply exist as an organization. We are instructed by God to produce results for Him using our varied spiritual gifts and talents. As a unified team combining our strengths & weaknesses, we’re able to make a profound effect upon the world for God recognizing that we belong to God and are for His service.

There are many needs around us here in Alaska, and our “servant’s heart” attitude enables God to do great things through us. In conjunction with our extended missionary family, we are able to make a significant impact in changing individual lives, expanding the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making partner ministries more effective in their efforts, and providing access for more Christian stewards to serve God here in Alaska.



Alaska is a place of beauty—but mystery. Most people have only seen Alaska through the eyes of nature & scenery photographs, and those who travel here have limited insight into the true size and scope of Alaska. It’s very difficult to understand the true complexity of Alaska’s transportation & accessibility issues from an external perspective. 

With more than 200 villages that are inaccessible except by the sea or air, Alaska has unique ministry concerns, and it’s the remote nature of the people we need to reach that necessitates our particular ministry.

Denali looking at it from 85 miles & 12,000ft..JPG


Our primary ministry area is Alaska. In particular, we focus the majority of our efforts upon the remote portions of Western Alaska that are not connected by roads because of the pronounced spiritual & physical needs in this region exaggerated by the isolation and harsh conditions. 

However, due to the proximity of Alaska’s arctic location, we’re also able to provide aviation support into Far Eastern Russia and Canada, as necessitated by our mission partners with whom we serve & support.



The negative statistics of abuse, assault, alcohol, drugs, depression, isolation, suicide, and murder within Alaska are heartbreaking and certainly portray that hope is a scarce commodity to many here—particularly within the rural Native communities. But, behind each of these statistics are individual human beings—and they matter greatly to God and us! 

While we’re acutely aware of the physical needs, our focus remains upon the spiritual void and the hope that only God can truly provide. As a natural result of sharing His love, we’re able to help many people in need.


Jesus Christ:  

Considering the scope of the problems in Alaska and the accelerating death spiral of moral decline and decay, man’s intervention is obviously insufficient: God’s unconditional love is the only remedy. Until the hearts of the people of Alaska become spiritually transformed, all other relief and development activity is merely superficial to treating the symptoms, not the cause. 

Once God has renewed the hearts and minds of the Alaskan people through the cleansing & saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, real physical change in Alaska will naturally follow.



We exist as an organization to propagate our faith in Jesus Christ. We endeavor to reach the unchurched and to rejuvenate the faith of isolated Christians here in Alaska. We have been sent forth by other Christians and depend upon the financial support of those like-minded believers and stewards who share God’s calling with us. 

Since 1964, God has placed us here in Soldotna to make us culturally aware and to build enduring relationships with the people of Alaska. These long-term relationships are critical to providing access points to the hearts & minds of the unique Alaskan community, and our distinctive partnership with other mission organizations enables God’s work to be sustained effectively, efficiently, safely, reliably, and affordably despite the high costs of serving within the remote & difficult context of living and operating in Alaska.



Due to the extreme distances and lack of connecting roads, aircraft are essential to reaching the remote and isolated villages of Alaska. But while flying is certainly at the heart of our mission, we do so much more. Caring for our own fleet of aircraft operating within the harsh & unforgiving weather conditions of Alaska requires us to maintain a heavy focus upon aircraft maintenance & safety. Since our inception, we have strived to provide the mission community in Alaska with a high standard of aircraft maintenance at the lowest possible cost. 

Thanks to our high operational tempo and the experience our team has collectively gathered over the many years of operating here in Alaska, we’re also able to offer a significant logistical support & training capability to the mission community of pastors, missionaries, churches, para-church organizations, etc.  

From transportation & shipping assistance, parts research & advice, vehicle & equipment maintenance, to flight training & instruction, our varied aviation-related activities combine effectively to directly & indirectly enable the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach places where it would otherwise be impracticable or simply impossible.