Affiliation Policy


Affiliation Policy

Affiliation Policy

Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC) takes its partnership with its affiliates seriously. By shouldering a portion of the flight costs, MARC is, in effect, subsidizing and endorsing the ministries of its affiliates. One of the real threats to the effectiveness of any Bible-believing organization is the insidious act of compromise. We strongly believe that we must maintain the integrity of our calling to the Gospel.

In such effort we have an obligation to our donors and partners to protect God’s reputation by supporting only those organizations of like-mindedness. This requires us to thoroughly evaluate each potential affiliate and assess their ability to do the same. We realize that we are not infallible and will occasionally miss the mark. In each case we will lean toward a conservative approach.

We have not set ourselves as judges of any man or ministry, but simply feel we must do what is consistent with our understanding of the Word of God. We invite all believers who share our convictions to stand with us in prayer and financial support.

This is our policy regarding MARC services:

1. MARC will provide support to any mission organization or church, which is fundamental in faith and practice and is actively engaged in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. MARC will not knowingly transport a group or individual into a village for ministry purposes where they do not have an active work or ministry, unless the following apply:

  • They are invited by or are coordinating with the local church or other MARC affiliate who has an active work there.

  • In the case where there is no active work in the village, we require our affiliates to acquire an invitation from the village council, city office, school, or other entity within the village.

3. MARC will consider flying for individual ministry workers who do not fall under the umbrella of accountability of a non-profit church or organization on a case-by-case basis. Such individuals will have to go through the process of becoming an affiliate.

Affiliation Services and Procedures

Affiliation Services and Procedures

 Affiliation Services

MARC is not a commercial airline. The only flights MARC airplanes make are for the sole purpose of supporting the church and its ministries in the state of Alaska and Far East Russia. MARC is a faith-based ministry that relies on the donations of fellow servants of the Lord and the cost-sharing of its affiliates. Services MARC provides include the following:

1. Passenger and cargo service.

2. Warehousing for incoming and outgoing cargo (space available).

Cost Sharing Policy

All flight costs are based on a pro-rated share, dividing the cost of operation of the aircraft on a specific flight. These costs are based on the estimated or actual flight time of the specific flight. This cost is not reduced when individual passengers cancel their flight or do not show; additionally, when an affiliate cancels a flight request after flight expenses have already incurred, the affiliate may be required to pay the appropriate cost share. Payment is required within 14 days. MARC reserves the right to refuse service to those who have unpaid accounts.

Mission/Church Affiliation

MARC will only serve evangelical groups or individuals who are actively involved in church work, and/or ministry, and who are actively affiliated with us. The affiliation procedure is like becoming a member of an organization. Each mission/church that desires affiliation must contact our office and go through the affiliation process, which includes completing our affiliation application, providing literature about your organization, and providing a copy of your own statement of faith. The director or president of the organization seeking affiliation must sign the application. MARC will review the documents, and upon approval, your organization will be eligible for services provided by MARC. Note, new missionaries, pastoral staff, or ministries planning to requests MARC’s services should contact MARC prior to their arrival in Alaska or sufficiently prior to requiring MARC’s services. Missions/churches applying for affiliation with MARC should meet the requirement of being a registered Non-profit 501(C)(3) organization or a church.

Annual and Recurring Updates

At the end of each year, MARC will request updated information regarding affiliated organizations. This will include an update of your current affiliated missionaries and/or pastors. We ask that each “umbrella” organization return the list with deletions, and additions reflecting the current staffing of the village missions and/or churches under their umbrella. For each village, please provide the names and phone numbers of the church board president, treasurer and pastor, as applicable. Each mission or church is responsible for contacting MARC when there is a change in contact information.

Note, this contact information is important and must be on record at MARC in order for us to approve and process your flight requests.