Collier & Allyson Hard

Collier Hard was born in Minnesota in 1987. Growing up in Farmington, Minnesota, Collier stayed busy as a young boy working on and riding his bmx bike. Before long, his interest in bmx bikes turned to motocross bikes. He always had passion to understand what made things work and why. That passion led him to become an auto mechanic - a job which eventually led him to his wife Allyson, after he fixed her bad breaks.

Allyson Hard was born in Minnesota in 1990. She grew up in a Christian home. Her family was always involved in church and different church activities. Allyson came to know Christ at the young age of 9 and was baptized by her father. She went to summer camps and Christ in Youth events, but it wasn’t until she went on a mission trip that she understood that she was meant for bigger things.

When Collier met Allyson, he started to see Christ in a different light. Collier started asking questions about Allyson’s faith in Christ which helped Allyson dig deeper in knowing the Lord. Collier came to Christ at the age of 22 and shortly after was baptized. Collier and Allyson were married September 29, 2012. Allyson knew that Collier was a man that God had gifted with great abilities, abilities to see a need and fill a need. He is the true Mr. Fix It. Collier longed to use the talents God gave him to help those in need.

That feeling of longing quickly ended when Mike Boettcher, a staff member with Missionary Aviation Repair Center, came to their church in November 2013. He spoke of a need that was not only for the MARC ministry but also for the families in rural Alaska. They needed someone to maintain the airport facilities, vehicles, and other building projects. Rural Alaska could also use Collier’s helpful hands. When families in rural Alaska have vehicles, equipment, or other things break down, some villages don’t have the resources to fix it. When Collier heard this, he knew he could help.

The Hards visited Alaska, January of 2014 for the first time. They went to the village of Aniak for 4 days to help the Alaska Bible Institute team cut down trees to heat the pastors home and church. They also did some touring of Alaska. There wasn’t too much time spent at the hangar working, so they decided to go back July 2014 for 20 days. On this trip, they were able to work at the hangar, spending time understanding what the day to day life would be like if God was truly calling them to MARC. When they returned home from that trip, they no longer felt at home. They knew home was now Alaska. Their third visit was, March 2015, they placed their application. After that they had their first child, Whaylen Hard on September 12, 2015. Once Allyson made the adjustment of being a stay at home mother, they called MARC and accepted the ministry position of Facility Manager on July 1, 2016.