Passenger Flights

Baggage Guidelines

Thirty (30) pounds of baggage is allowed per passenger. Arrangements for additional or overweight baggage and cargo must be made in advance. Children two (2) years of age and older must occupy a passenger seat. There will be no exceptions.

Prohibited Items

MARC does not allow the transportation of alcohol, explosives, or fireworks. Equipment with small engines must have all fuel drained before shipment. Vehicles are required to have no more fuel than is necessary for maneuvering, loading, and unloading.

Passenger Clothing and Gear

Please dress with proper clothing for the season while traveling on MARC aircraft. Even during summer months warm clothing and shoes are necessary. If the pilot determines the passengers’ clothing and/or gear to be inadequate, the flight will be delayed until adequate clothing and/or gear can be acquired.


In most cases, MARC will provide the final cost estimate e-mail one week prior to the first departure. Payment of flight-sharing costs is requested at this time so as to arrive at MARC prior to the date of departure, unless prior arrangements are made with the MARC Scheduling office.


All passengers leaving Soldotna or airports with passenger facilities must be at the airport 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. When meeting the airplane at airports without passenger facilities, we ask that passengers be ready to leave for the airport 30 minutes prior to the airplane’s estimated time of arrival.

Filling Empty Legs or Seats

MARC reserves the right to fill any empty legs, seats, or cargo space, as deemed appropriate. This may include MARC staff or supplies, and affiliate cargo or passengers. These occurrences will be coordinated with the affiliate as soon as practical.

Arriving from the Lower 48

MARC recommends that its affiliates leave at least one day buffer when making airline connections (especially on the return portion) to allow for weather and other delays. MARC cannot be responsible for missed airline flight for any reason. When possible if there are weather factors, MARC will suggest an earlier departure time.

Cargo Service

As space permits, cargo may be warehoused at the MARC hangar to go out on empty legs or as space permits on other flights. Warehousing of your goods awaiting a flight is also available. Frozen and refrigerator items may be stored as room permits. Affiliates are responsible for perishable food in the event of a prolonged delay of flight. All cargo needs prior arrangement for storage. Cargo should be delivered at least two (2) days before its scheduled flight and be tagged or marked with destination and weight, whenever possible.

Although we will take the utmost care to protect your goods, MARC cannot be responsible for breakage due to altitude sensitivity or loading and unloading mishaps.

All affiliates are requested to make prior arrangements for the receiving and staging of their cargo at its destination and to inform MARC Scheduling of the contact person and phone numbers.

All shipments or transport of cats, dogs, and other pets must have prior approval. A proper kennel or cage is required for all animals.

Please place all orders at least a week before a scheduled flight. Exceptions will be on a case-by-case basis. All orders are to be paid to the vendor directly unless prior arrangements are made with MARC.

Special Notice Regarding Baggage/Cargo Weights

Because of the small aircraft and distances we typically fly, small changes in baggage and cargo weights that have already been planned and coordinated can cause significant operational and safety issues. For efficiency and safety, it is critical that pre-coordinated passenger, baggage, and cargo weights be complied with. Last minute changes are difficult to accommodate and can create unnecessary costs, so we request our affiliates notify us immediately when any passenger, baggage, or cargo weight adjustments are potentially required.

Flight Request Checklist

  1. Make flight request online, at least one month prior, at our website. Note: Within one to two days you should receive an initial estimate of the cost-share for the requested flight.

  2. Two weeks prior to the departure date, send passenger list with weights of each passenger along with contact names and phone numbers for each village on our website. Keep in mind that all passengers 2 years old and older must have their own seat. If it is a cargo flight, send total weight along with description of cargo.

  3. One week prior to the flight you should receive a final, detailed cost-share estimate and a request for funds.

  4. Payment must arrive no later than the departure time from origin (normally Soldotna) for the flight to proceed.

Note: Timely communication is the key to the success of this process. It is very important to assign a point-of-contact who is both available and knowledgeable of all aspects of the request.