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Our History

Founded in 1964 by Roald & Harriett Amundsen

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Our Beliefs

MARC and its members believe in:

The authority of the Word (New and Old Testament) for us until Jesus comes in power and glory with His complete revelation.


The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


The doctrine of the Trinity, one God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The fall of man, his subsequent moral depravity and his need for salvation through Jesus Christ.


The complete atonement for sin in Christ's finished work on the cross.


The doctrine of justification by faith in Christ's atonement.


The resurrection of the body, both in the case of the just and the unjust.


The eternal life of the saved and the eternal punishment of the lost.


The imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Missionary Aviation Repair Center is a mission service organization based in Soldotna, Alaska. MARC was founded in 1964, but the story of Missionary Aviation Repair Center began long before that:


MARC's founder Hans Roald Amundsen was born in Crookston, Minnesota, on Oct. 7, 1914, to Jonas and Thora Amundsen.  Young Roald's life of adventure began at age 4 after shaking the hand of his namesake, the famous Norwegian polar explorer, and he first visited Alaska in 1936 when his father, a traveling evangelist, traveled to Anchorage to preach.  Once college age, Roald pursued an education degree, but later entered chaplaincy training during World War II.  His natural bent toward mechanics and working with his hands eventually led him to become interested in missionary flying.  


After learning to fly in his hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin, and completing seminary training, Roald married his wife Harriett on July 26, 1944, and together they moved to Nome, Alaska, in August 1945 to serve with the Evangelical Covenant Mission as a pastor, mechanic, and missionary pilot.  They lived in Nome and Unalakleet for 20 years, during which time Roald saw the need for consistent maintenance for the safety of the numerous missionary aircraft beginning to be used across Alaska.  They also envisioned the need to operate out of a more central location to be able to provide more efficient and effective missionary service to reach more people.


Eventually, God instilled in Roald's and Harriett’s hearts the vision to begin MARC as an organized aviation maintenance facility for Alaskan missions. In 1964, the Amundsen family moved to the Kenai Peninsula and began operations at the Soldotna airport with the help of J.W. Thompson and Bud Lofstedt. The Soldotna airport offered easy accessibility to fuel and parts, and so Missionary Aviation Repair Center was born there, beginning with a small wooden hangar.  Within a year, God provided a Cessna 180 and led them to provide not only quality maintenance, but also safe, efficient, and economical transportation for missionaries who did not have their own aircraft.


In 1982 MARC was challenged significantly when a fire destroyed the Soldotna hangar and office. Thankfully, God provided a replacement facility through volunteer labor and many generous donations, and to this day, volunteers continue to be a valuable asset to our operations through the form of work teams, missionary internships, or people simply giving their available time to the Lord.  Recently we were blessed by the gifts of a second new hangar and a King Air A-90 aircraft from our mission partners Samaritan's Purse who have been faithful supporters of our missionary efforts here in Alaska since 1993.


Over the years, we have continued to expand in staff, facilities, and aircraft fleet. We now have a staff of 14 families with another 6 families raising support, two hangars for maintenance and protecting our aircraft from the arctic conditions, along with office and administrative space.  Today, we are privileged to impact remote Alaska with the hope of Jesus Christ through missionary aviation.

Our Values

Biblical ideals we strive to demonstrate in our ministry:


As followers of Jesus Christ we desire to be purpose-driven. Everything we do and say should take aim at fulfilling God's purpose for this ministry, the people of Alaska, and last but not least, for our own spiritual growth. Our ultimate purpose is to see God's name proclaimed in all the earth.  Luke 2:49, Exodus 9:16



We value our call to renewal or transformation. God's word is clear in that we should be renewing our minds so that we can be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we are called to make disciples who are being transformed into that same likeness.  Romans 12:2



We value the unique part that each of us plays in the Kingdom. We strive to affirm our brothers and sisters as those unique servants for Christ. We affirm one another by showing love and respect. And we affirm one another by listening carefully and/or giving "the gift of a question" before making a judgment.  2 Corinthians 1:21-22



We value integrity. Our God's reputation is at stake every time we act or speak on His behalf. We value the protection and the peace that comes from honest living. May the words of our mouths and the fruit of our service always be honoring to our LORD.  Proverbs 10:9



We value steadfastness in our walk with the Lord. We value standing firm in our commitment to reach lost people, those who are perishing. Perseverance builds character and character builds hope. Hope is what many people in the villages of Alaska have lost. We must remain steadfast!  Isaiah 26:3, Romans 5:3



We value the joy that comes from being in the presence of the Lord. That joy provides the strength from which we serve. That joy enables our steadfastness. Our sincere prayer is that all should come to know this joy.  Psalm 21:6, Nehemiah 8:10, Romans 15:13

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