Justin & Anna Toews

Justin grew up with his parents and three sisters traveling the globe on missionary ships with Operation Mobilization. He was born on the island of Aruba to Canadian parents and came to Christ at a young age. While in middle school,Justin had the opportunity to visit a missionary aviation base in Suriname, and his interest in missionary aviation was kindled. After moving to the United States and completing high school, Justin attended San Diego Christian College. While there, he completed flight training with the intent of becoming a missionary pilot/mechanic.

After college, Justin joined the Marine Corps, which allowed him to pay off his student loans and gain valuable maintenance experience. He completed his U.S. citizenship ceremony on July 4th, 2011, while on deployment in Afghanistan. He met his wife Anna on New Years Eve shortly after he returned.

Anna grew up in San Diego, California with loving, Christian parents. She accepted Christ at Forest Home Christian Camp the summer before she entered middle school. While attending Point Loma Nazarene University for her bachelor's in graphic design, she went to a youth missions conference in Urbana. While attending the conference she heard the call on her life to always be involved in a Bible study, and to serve the Native American people for a season. Seeing no opportunity before her to exercise the second calling, she held it in her heart for a future date. The Christmas before she met Justin, she felt God working on her heart, and when they met, she knew that his missionary path was one that she could also journey on.

They married in February of 2013 and welcomed their son Liam 9 months later. After transitioning out of the Marine Corps in 2014, they moved to Virginia where their daughter Libby was born. Justin took his maintenance classes at Liberty University, completing the AMTS course at the top of his class. It was at Liberty that Justin first heard about the Missionary Aviation Repair Center in Alaska (MARC).

After moving back to San Diego, it became apparent that the needs of the family would make serving outside of the U.S. difficult. God led the Toews to research Alaska, and at once, Anna's calling to serve Native Americans began to make sense. (It should be noted that not all Native Alaskans consider themselves Native Americans.) After visiting Alaska twice and being offered a position with MARC, the Toews joined in May 2016.