In six years of marriage my wife and I haven't spent even one full (24 hour) day apart; same for my son Jacob. Tonight I leave them both for about 6-7 weeks. My heart is so heavy right now, but this sacrifice is for a good cause!  Suzie and I are only making this sacrifice because we want so very badly to commit ourselves long-term to our ministry work here in Alaska.

We so very much want all of you to be actively involved in our ministry in whatever way you can. Become a prayer warrior, ministry supporter, or help us introduce ourselves and our work to others in churches, bible studies, and even in homes.

Please pray for me as I continue to do what I have been called to do, here in Alaska, while my wife and son are in PA. Pray that I have the faith of even a mustard seed as I seek to do whatever I can in support of the ultimate goal of advancing the Gospel throughout all the earth for the glory of God.

Lord, I humbly come before you a weak but willing servant. Give me strength and wisdom as I seek to honor you. Give me the peace that only comes through faith and obedience. My life is yours Lord, no matter the cost. Help me to Love others as I seek to fearlessly make known the mystery of Gospel. For your glory and in your name. Amen.
— Tim

Thank you in advance for donating whatever amount the Lord has placed on your heart so we can serve In Alaska.