For those of you who do not know. My husband and I serve as missionaries in Alaska. What does that look like? Well, our specific job is more of a support role. Kylor flies kids from rural Alaska into camps in the summer and work teams and supplies into rural Alaska throughout the year. Also, he helps run the parts room so we can provide discounted parts for the ministry planes we work on. We live in Soldotna Alaska, which in population is somewhere between 3000-4000 people (and twice that amount in the summer! Its a zoo). We have Fred Meyer, Safeway, Sportsmans, Joanns, and many other stores in town. There are a lot of good churches around. All this to say, life here isn’t too different from life “back home”. We serve with many awesome families at our organization and we go to an awesome church. We received ten plus meals when our third child was born and many, many gifts. We are BLESSED. If Kylor is away on a trip I always have multiple people tell me to call if I need anything. I get to share prayer requests and pray with fellow missionary wives once a month over brunch (this is the best). Between work, church, and supporters back home we are triple insured. I have felt the arms of God wrap around me as we have been loved on by the body of Christ. This picture of Christ has made it even more clear to me what my purpose is as a wife, mother, and fellow sister in Christ: to show the love of Christ and his servant hood of coming to us as a baby, dying on the cross for our sins and raising to life again and giving the spirit to me so that I, too, may live. As of now I may not have to suffer through cultural differences, rarely seeing family, loneliness, and many other things “normal” missionaries endure. I feel blessed to be being filled up to overflowing so that I can bless other. Most of the pastors and missionaries in rural Alaska that we support thru our flying face spiritual attacks, loneliness, and discouragement on a daily basis. Please pray for them! We help them with their ministries by moving people for them or bringing work teams to help them. But they are on the “front lines” and face serious spiritual darkness. January and February are physically dark and depressing months up here. Suicide is expected. Pray for armies of angel to fight for these workers. God is mighty and good. It is a privilege to know him and serve him.