what a breathtaking place to live.  

Here are a few things we've gathered since moving here. (this is a very light hearted post.) 


I heard they were bad and I heard the bad joke about them being the state bird... But then I experienced them... Everyday... Multiple times a day! Thank goodness for the cold weather! (did I just say that?) I have never had so many bites in my life. I guess that's their way of initiation?


They were elusive when we first got here but now we see them all the time. And we love it!! I'm sure that will wear off, especially when we have our own place and they get in our garden... But for now they are a novelty kind of like the... 


on a clear day they are breathtaking. Which in July we hardly had a clear day. But the last few weeks have been cold and clear and the views are endless! This will never get old.  

Ground Beef: 

I learned that ground beef is more expensive than a lot of other meat. Why? I don't know. Back home we had ground elk and deer coming out our ears, so maybe since I've NEVER bought it before I have no clue on prices. But that seems ridiculous. Hey, Ky is happy he gets pork chops now. 


Their are quite a few things for kids to do in the community. Which I'm very excited about because I'm always looking for indoor activities. Getting outside is great and we love it, but mixing it up is nice. The library and wildlife refuge have great programs for kids and jumping junction is always fun.  

The Cold: 

I see why people like the cold. I mean really cold. Because when it is cold the skies are blue, the sun is shining and the bugs are gone! And you get snow... not rain. Which means light! Now we haven't experienced the snow here, but I've experienced snow and rain and I'll take snow for days on end over rain for days on end. Give me blue skies and sun and I'll be happy.  


There are lots of churches in Soldotna. We have yet to decide on which one we will faithfully attend. But wherever we decide I am sure we will see..


Bogs, Muck, Xtratuff, whatever you choose. You see them everywhere with every kind of outfit. And for good reason. They are awesome! The weather calls for it because 85% of Alaska is wetland. And when they make them for cold weather you just might as well wear them nearly year around. 

Those are just a few fun things we have discovered and I'm sure there are many more.