Some of you have been in the loop on missions and what we do since... well... before "us", that is Kylor and I (Tabitha). You see, Kylor went to to Africa after high school and then after that went to school for flight training to be a missionary. Then I joined the party and a lot has happen since then. I won't make a HUGE blog post so let's get to the point. 


In July of this year (2016) Kylor and I moved to Alaska where we now serve with Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC). Kylor is a pilot/mechanic and I stay home with our two boys. Kylor does various different things at MARC but the overall goal of MARC is to expand the reach of the gospel in Alaska.

We are excited to be apart of this ministry and feel blessed to serve along side the families at MARC. We also feel blessed to live in the BEAUTIFUL state of Alaska where vasts lands have been "untouched" by man, leaving Gods creation for us to enjoy. 

Africa will always have a piece of Kylor's heart. Now, the Lord has directed our hearts here to Alaska. We are privileged to be His hands and feet. 


In Christ,


Tabitha Schultz