Harlan & Josie Lloyd

Harlan grew up in a Christian home and asked Jesus to be his Savior as a young boy. He first remembers being introduced to mission aviation as a child when missionaries from a tribal area came to share at his church. These missionaries described how missionary pilots were their lifeline. Harlan felt very interested in mission aviation from that point on.

During high school Harlan had the opportunity to go on several short-term mission trips. He felt that God wanted him to serve by being a support missionary. After high school he went to Crown College for some Bible classes before earning his private pilot certificate. He then concurrently pursued his mechanic certificates and wife-to-be.

Josie was the fourth out of five daughters born to Rich and Deb Bisset. She also became a believer at a young age and was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. While growing up, Josie spent a lot of time with family, was involved with her youth group, and babysat during her teen years. It wasn't until high school that she felt a call to be involved in missions. She was able to attend several short-term mission trips with her church, as well as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Annual Conference, Urbana.

During these experiences she became certain that she needed to obey the Lord by getting more involved in missions, but as a young single woman she wasn't sure what that would look like. Josie started a Registered Nursing (RN) Program at the Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, MN. Soon after she was introduced to her future husband!

Harlan and Josie met at a church ice-skating event in 2005. At the start of their relationship, Harlan and Josie both shared a similar call to missions. It became clear that the Lord was leading them towards marriage and a pursuit of a future in mission aviation. On July 22, 2006 the two lovebirds were married. Less than a year after their wedding, Harlan had earned his Airframe & Powerplant certificates and Josie became an RN.

After much prayer they felt led to move to Arlington, Washington so Harlan could attend Mission Aviation Training Academy (MATA). Harlan worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Josie found a job as an RN. Harlan completed his Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot certificate through MATA.

As they continued to seek God's plan, they were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Ava, born in October 2009.

In May of 2010, they visited Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC), in Soldotna, Alaska. As they prayed about their future they believed that the Lord was leading them to apply. Harlan and Josie were invited to come to Alaska for a three week candidacy visit. During this time, they learned of the incredible work that God is doing through MARC. Harlan worked in the hangar and most evening meals were shared with families from MARC. It was an encouraging time of fellowship as they got to know the MARC staff and heard stories of God working in Western Alaska. Near the end of the visit Harlan and Josie were invited to join the MARC family, and they arrived permanently in Alaska in July 2012!  The Lloyd family feels so blessed to join such a special team of believers in order to help bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to Alaska!

While raising initial support to serve with MARC, Elaina was born August of 2011. Anya was their first Alaskan baby born in February 2014. In June 2016, Harlan and Josie were blessed with a fourth daughter, Tirzah.