General Fund

Maintaining a high level of professional aviation service and support in the arctic environment of Alaska is inherently expensive.  But God has instilled this passion in our hearts because of the many needs of the Native Alaskan people and the many pastors, missionaries, churches, and organizations working to bring the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ to their villages.  

Your financial support toward our General Operating fund allows us to maintain our hangars, aircraft ramp, fueling, parts, training, and other operational areas in addition to sustaining our safety, legal, tax, insurance, development, utility, communications, and other administrative support requirements.

Aircraft & Maintenance

God has blessed MARC with a versatile & highly-capable fleet of aircraft uniquely equipped to balance safe, efficient, and effective operations while accommodating the wide range and fluctuating transportation needs of our ministry partners.  Additionally, our aircraft maintenance expertise continues to allow our ministry partners to focus on their ministry efforts-not maintenance.  

Your financial support toward our Aircraft and Maintenance fund allows us to maintain & operate the "heartbeat" of our ministry. Increased donations in this need area enable us to further subsidize the flying & maintenance expenses for our ministry partners

Kids to camp

One of the greatest blessings we have each year is being able to provide transportation for children in the remote villages to attend Bible camp.  For many kids, Bible camp is the one time each year when they can escape from the heartbreaking norms of alcohol, addiction, and abuse that constantly inundate their lives in the villages.  

Your financial support toward our Kids to Camp fund allows us to increase the number of kids we're able to fly to Bible camps throughout the year.  More importantly, your donations help us to share the unconditional hope of Jesus Christ with the future generation of Alaska while early in their life.