William & Rebecca Fraley

William and Rebecca both grew up in Christian families and came to know the Lord at a young age.  Rebecca grew up on her family's cattle farm just outside of Logansport, Indiana, while William's childhood was split between Alabama and Indiana.  They both attended Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.  During that time, William majored in professional flight, and Rebecca was working on a degree in entomology.  They met while serving in their campus ministry together and began dating soon after.  Rebecca served on the ministry's leadership team as the chair for missions, and William was the worship leader. 

While they were dating, they often discussed serving God as missionaries, and mission aviation was an obvious choice.  William had recently completed an internship at Missionary Flights International, and decided to pursue another internship - this time with Missionary Maintenance Services - the summer after their junior year in college.  During that time, Rebecca worked at a local zoo leading children's camps.

That same summer, William had the opportunity to visit EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  There, he found a booth for MARC.  Feeling a draw toward this organization, William called Rebecca that evening to gauge how she would feel about serving there. Rebecca said she had never wanted to go to Alaska, but once she saw how spiritually dark it can be in western Alaska, she was willing to take a look.

They were engaged their senior year at Purdue.  During spring break of that year, they visited MARC and became excited as they saw the hope of Jesus Christ being taken into the villages by this ministry. After returning home, the Fraleys began the application process to join the team.

William and Rebecca graduated in May 2012, and the job market took them to Orlando, Florida, after they were married one month later.  William worked as a flight instructor, and Rebecca worked at a zoo in Sanford, Florida.  Their time in Florida was one of growth and learning.  After a year and a half, God’s timing sent them back to Purdue, where William taught flight, and Rebecca worked at the Columbian Park Zoo.

They visited MARC again in early spring 2014, this time for candidacy.  They were accepted, and after a time of deputation, moved to Alaska at the end of 2015.  They were blessed to have a son, Calvin, born during deputation on 4-23-15.